Chief Executive Officer’s Welcome:

In today’s dynamic environment, I believe that standardized software packages do not represent a successful solution to problems encountered by many companies in the long-term. We, as a competitive consulting company, find it as our utmost responsibility to tailor software solutions to our customer’s needs and requests. Our main goal is to satisfy our client’s requirements better than the competition. With 30 years of experience and technical know-how we are able to differentiate ourselves in providing customized solutions to our clients. Our valuable consultancy with respect to the selection, implementation, integration and maintenance of modified SAP® software shall lead to professional success of our customers. Within our various fields of expertise, consultancy in power utility has become one of our main specializations. I recommend you have a closer look at our ‘Services‘ section of this website in order to get an idea how much value SOLCON is able to offer you.

Cesar Sweid
Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consultant

Solcon GmbH