Project Management and Consulting Services for all sorts of software implementations and IT-Architectures


  • Migration projects for many companies in Germany and Switzerland. For example for a huge Oil & Gas Company in Berlin or media companies in Munich and Zürich. A few of these companies we later migrated to SAP® R/3.
  • Many Projects in Software implementations and support for one of the biggest International Cash & Carry and Retail companies in Germany with rollout to other European and International subsidiaries.
  • Many Projects for one of the biggest Energy & Utility companies in Baden and Zürich in Switzerland. This company produces, transports and distributes electricity. One of the biggest projects was the migration from the mainframe platform to SAP® R/3 ERP client server architecture with rollout to other subsidiaries. In the preliminary phase a template was created for the group of companies. This was introduced by the head company and adapted to the subsidiary companies. The As-Is solutions were partly built in the new system.
  • Acquisition Project of a huge Swiss electricity equipment company by an International subsidiary of a huge U.S. Conglomerate Electricity Company in Aarau Switzerland. This involved PC , Middleware and Mainframe applications.
  • Greenfield software implementation to SAP® ERP for a newly formed Swiss company that used to belong to the Swiss Army.
  • Huge SAP® ERP Migration Project with lots of adaptations for the Swiss Army in Bern, Zürich and other locations in Switzerland.
  • Migration project from RIVA, the previous SAP® Utility Solution which ran on SAP® R/2 and Mainframe architecture, to IS-U SAP® R/3 with Client Server Architecture for one of the biggest international German energy and utility companies.
  • Migration of a local Utility company to a corporate platform of another huge German Energy and Utility company in Germany. This was done in 2 phases. First the documentation of the local company processes were captured and the processes where enhanced and second migration of the Hardware and Software to the parent company.
  • Projects for the software implementation of SAP® R/3 IS-U for the biggest Energy Producer and supplier in the Republic of Ireland, The biggest British Retailer for Gas in the UK and the huge British Petroleum company in Milton Keynes and one of the biggest Water companies in Cambridge.
  • Projects for the deregulation of the Energy Markets in Republic of Ireland, Retail in the UK and several Retailers and Network companies in Germany.
  • Support work after the market deregulation for gas and electricity companies in Berlin, Munich, Duisburg, Munster and further utility companies in Germany and Europe
  • Projects for Software upgrades and Support after Release upgrades for many companies in the UK, Belgium and many other European countries
  • Functional and Technical Consulting in SAP® R/3 with SAP® and SAP® Partners in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Israel, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the area of SAP® ERP and SAP® Industrial solutions for Energy companies, Utility Companies, Industrial companies, Retail Companies, Telecom companies, Logistic company, chemical company, Government and Defense.

Project Management Methodology, Project Activities and Success Factors

bild6The various implementation projects have a consistent approach for project processes and activities, always keeping in mind the uniqueness and customization of each client. The SAP® templates and the SAP® roadmaps as well as international management tools are always at hand. One of the most important assets of SOLCON is its long term experience in project implementations. Software implementations cannot only be executed by going through checklists, but need a certain skillset and experience. In case of utility project migrations and deregulations in Germany there were also proven templates which were based on experience in this field and which prevailed. The activities for functional and technical consulting processes and templates are more or less the same in Europe. As explained above, we are involved in all the functional and technical aspects of the different project implementations.

Extended Consulting Services with our Partners

  • Cyber-Security and Risk Management on an international basis in Germany, Switzerland, New York using international established tools
  • Consulting and implementation services for SAP® R/3 ERP, Industrial Solutions of SAP® R/3 and other ERP Solutions according to needs in Innovative EU Emerging countries
  • Consulting services for Mass-Data and Mobile solutions